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Hello everyone!

This is Alan from DreamTapp Studios. This is the first official DEV-Blog post, how exciting!

I am using this to simply outline how I work when I am developing any of the projects that I work on. I thought it would be really cool to share what goes on up in my head when I am tackling whatever the daily challenge or issue is.

So the past two days I have been working on our recent game, Wacky Clampet’s Hammer Time. I feel like this game will be pretty fun when it is finished! The objective of WC-HT (boy that sounds cool when it’s abbreviated) is that you get sucked into a characters live when he’s flipping through the channels on TV. You can decided what show or movie Wacky watches… and when you tune that in… you are sucked into that world! So if Wacky watches a classic zombie film that may have been filmed north of Pittsburgh, PA… you’ll be there fighting!

One challenge that I’ve experienced with this game so far is how to change my way of thinking from regular game development to VR game development. While a good amount of the same rules still apply there are a few that are unique or new to VR.

The biggest one, and my favorite, is the immersive of the content itself! What this means is that typically when you’re playing a game, you are really only attached to the game with a simple controller and the screen in front of you. But this all changes with VR. You can now turn around, look fast, use your hands… become IN the game! This poses such an fun challenge when designing something as simple as picking up something off of the floor. Instead of having your character simply walk over an item and it magically appears in your inventory, you now need to ask yourself, “Should this player have to bend over and pick it up, in real life?”

There are so many ways to tackle just that one problem and that is the core of why I love developing in VR, you can be extra creative when designing solutions!

Speaking of designing, here is a quick video of the recent Health Bar popup I am working on for the health of breakable objects:

I decided to start first with simple ****’s and just update them appropriately with the health the item actually has. My goal is to change this, once it is working well, from the stars to then a simple Health bar that decreases. I’ll post when I get that working!

That’s a wrap on this post!


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