DEV-Blog 002

Hello world!

This is the second DEV-Blog post and I’m glad I made it this far.

I wanted to talk about how Unity can be used in things OTHER than games. Unity has done an amazing job in building their game engine to support other types of content or experiences. Some of the latest developments directly from Unity is Cinemachine (

Cinemachine is “unified procedural camera system for in-game cameras, cinematics and cutscenes, film pre-visualization and virtual cinematography eSports solutions.” Basically what this means is that you can now use Unity to act as a sort of blend between a real-time game engine, video editing, soft-studio-level-camera, green screen and the sky is the limit system.

A great demonstration of the power of Unity in the realm of film is Adam.

What inspired this post was that my family and I went to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History a few weekends ago and right when we walked in was this very interesting, large, digital display.

The scene that was running was some sort of chaotic environment that had some interesting people(?) running around. After learning more about this exhibit, I found that it was created by Ian Cheng and the entire set up is created in Unity. The exhibit is called Emissary Sunsets the Self.


It was extremely fun to watch how the AI reacted and evolved throughout the entire time we were at the museum. I wish I grabbed a picture of what it looked like when we arrived versus what it was right before leaving (after about 5 hours). It was so very different. The speed, lights, and colors alone made you really wonder what happened when we were not watching?

I could go on for hours talking about the other uses of Unity for non-game content and experiences, but I’ll save that for later.

Have a great day!

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